Karina’s pretty


1. [+231][-98] Karina looks the most so-so.

2. [+217][-70] I feel like Karina’s eyes are small in real life. The size of her eyes differs hugely depending on the angle + diameter of the lenses she’s wearing.

3. [+165][-59] Looking at this, Giselle is really freaking beautiful.

4. [+108][-9] I’m really not tryna criticise her but I find Karina’s face interesting.. When I look at stage fancams or GIFs, she looks super fxxking pretty. But when I look at other pics or vids, I can’t tell she’s pretty. Is she the type who looks really good with stage makeup, under stage lighting?

5. [+91][-4] aespa’s main visual member is Ningning.

6. [+70][-7] Giselle is the prettiest.

7. [+56][-6] Seriously, they’re all pretty….but the more you look at Ningning, the prettier she is….

8. [+47][-10] But every time I see them, I feel like aespa’s visual centre is Winter..even without makeup..