‘Omg my armpit’

Ending the live broadcast while trying to change the filter.

Early debut Peniel leaving his fans behind and making other fans sing.

(Choreography looked awkward because Jungkook grew taller)

I bought my first weighing scale in my life

There’s a nice-looking one so I bought it

When the parcel arrived I opened it feeling all excited

But the moment I stepped onto it

It almost cracked immediately kekekeke


1. [+256][-10] .

“We always want to challenge new things.

In the future we will always be transforming.” – Seo Eunkwang

“I want to try being in a girl group.

I want to try TWICE.” – Yook Sungjae

“CLC for me.” – Lee Changseob

“BLACKPINK for me.” – Im Hyunsik

2. [+234][-8] .

3. [+156][-8] .

Amazing SM maknaes who play the ‘Shout in Silence’ game the exact same way’

4. [+152][-15] Laugh bomb

5. [+151][-1] Saved this even though I’m not a fan.

Fxxk, seriously everytime I see this I feel like I entered the male restroom by accident.

6. [+137][-6] .

7. [+137][-6] .

8. [+126][-4] .

9. [+113][-6].