….they’ve prolly seen this too. This is the most legendary delusional GIF in my heart….


1. [+51][-0] Sorry for waking you up from your delusions, but don’t you think there are really many gold hands among ARMYs? kekeke

2. [+37][-1] kekekekekekekeke for real,,, The first time I saw this GIF, I got goosebumps when I saw Kim Taehyung appear. People are seriously so fxxking good at photoshopping,,

3. [+18][-2] Whenever I see this, I fall into the delusion that I’m dating Jungkook but cheating with Taetae kekeke… kekeke Isn’t Kim Taehyung sly and charming?

4. [+12][-4] This one gets me super delusional too. Dating Jimin and cheating with V,,,, Kim Taehyung: Let’s meet at 3am later.

5. [+11][-2] Is this kinda like: You’re video-calling Jungkook so you decline V’s video-call invitation but in reality, Jungkook and V are together that’s why V is upset?….um….. The delusion is insane. Despite knowing that this is just a delusion, I still feel nervous keke