Y’all know too, Jang Wonyoung….is gonna be fxxking successful in the future.

Just like the posts on Pann, I feel like she’s gonna be on a roll in the future.

Her star-quality is already unrivaled.. and every time I see her she feels like a celebrity with insane star-quality.. When she appeared on PD101, she was like a kid with an amazing physique, but recently as her face matured her aura is no joke..


1. [+100][-15] For sure. First off, Jang Wonyoung’s face is already a brand. Honestly, as long as she doesn’t get into any stupid trouble, she’s gonna be earning enough to live the rest of her life. Plus it’s not like she’s not talented.

2. [+79][-14] A post like this is sure to get a lot of hate but you can’t deny that Jang Wonyoung star quality is really strong. From the moment this 15 year old’s face appeared in public, she became a hot topic. Its been a while since IZ*ONE’s disbandment but it seems like she’s still the top 3 female idols that are being talked about online. She already has personal ads with Innisfree, Miu Miu and other big companies….and every time she posts a new picture on Instagram, people keep talking about it.

3. [+41][-0] The two-top hot topic female idols most mentioned on Pann these few years: 10s – Jang Wonyoung, 20s – Jennie.

4. [+27][-0] For real. She’s still young that’s why she’s more popular with girls in their 10s rather than guys but as time goes by and as she becomes more mature, I think she’s gonna have more and more fans, both guys and girls. All it takes is one picture upload on Instagram and there’ll always be so many posts about her going onto Talkers’ Choice.

5. [+26][-0] I think its better that you guys don’t mention other celebrities, it might attract haters.

6. [+19][-1] Why on earth do people dislike Jang Wonyoung? I think she’s cute and pretty though.

7. [+10][-13] I feel like these days she seems more like an Instagram celeb rather than an idol, kinda like an influencer?

8. [+10][-31] In order to be successful, she needs to have something to show off other than a pretty face.