SM really manages the artists super fxxking well….. When aespa debuted, I thought they would never ever become pretty.


1. [+496][-16] I really wanna learn the SM-style management. Very strangely, looking at the artists who ended their contracts with SM and went to another agency or ran back to China, they’re still the same person but the SM-effect fades super quickly and their looks / styling becomes oddly old-fashioned / lame.. SM, what is your secret?

2. [+314][-321] No I mean… It’s only because their bare faces are already beautiful. You bxxches are really funny huh;; For real, looks like you think you’re prettier than aespa… These posts make me fxxking speechless..

3. [+278][-13] And also, she looks better with bangs.

4. [+205][-20] Honestly if you’re from SM kekekekekeke If you manage to debut, as long as you’re not missing an eye or an arm or a leg, your charm is gonna get extracted even if you’re not attractive kekekekekekekekekekeke

5. [+200][-0] I wanna receive SM management too kekekeke It’s like trying to get the most out of my face. I’m curious.

6. [+191][-51] Pretty.

6. [+150][-58] Whether Giselle is pretty or not, you all are being rude.

7. [+90][-6] Please keep this hairstyle….

8. [+66][-4] For real, black hair with bangs suits her best. When she first debuted, its just that her styling was bad.