Look at her skin;;; her hair, makeup and outfit was freaking weird too.


1. [+110][-0] Many other celebs are also really stressed out because of their poor skin condition. They have busy schedules and they don’t get much sleep. On top of that, if they have to put heavy makeup, unless they have super strong skin, it’s hard to withstand. Even if you don’t feel sorry for her, if you’re screenshotting that and mocking her with a bad intention, then your personality is really hopeless. Your life is pathetic.

2. [+91][-12] I’m not her fan but y’all should know when to stop. Her skin can look different depending on her condition.

3. [+70][-21] Just because she’s a celeb, does that mean her skin has to be great every single day?

4. [+16][-5] But no matter how bad it is, she’s under SM. She should’ve been receiving treatment regularly though, so why is her skin like that?

5. [+14][-7] Celebs are humans too. They have ups and downs too. Also, the group’s not currently active.