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1. BTS V

Wow, V is just like a sculpture…

2. NCT Jaehyun

I’ve always thought Jaehyun’s super handsome ever since his debut.


I don’t usually find western faces attractive but Vernon is super handsome even though he’s a mix…

4. BTS Jungkook

I like bunny-faces so that’s prolly why Jungkook is so my type ㅜㅜ

5. ASTRO Cha Eunwoo

The visual genius, do we even have to talk about this…

6. THE BOYZ Juyeon

I like desert-fox-faces (ex. Hwang Minhyun) and he’s my type… He seems to have gotten more handsome recently.

7. NCT Jaemin

When he was promoting in NCT Dream he was really like a kid but during the ‘Make a Wish’ era I could see his mature-beauty…


I really like Mingyu because he’s not just good-looking, he’s tall as well ㅠ

9. BTS Jin

Even as someone who’s not a fan, I know he’s the ‘Worldwide Handsome’. Y’all know what I’m talking about.

10. THE BOYZ Hyunjae

Hyunjae really feels like the definition of a pretty boy..

11. TXT

Tbh idk who to pick from TXT so I just included everyone…

12. THE BOYZ Younghoon

I saw a comment saying that Younghoon is handsome and yea I agree he’s actually really handsome.. I don’t know much about him but I feel he looks a bit like Sehun?


1. [+288][-61] He’s the visual among the guys. Jungkook, who has both the masculine side and the pretty side.

2. [+232][-26] Saranghae

3. [+215][-22] We all know about the 3 beauties of BTS, no need to talk more about this.

4. [+186][-34] Jeon Jungkook❤

5. [+171][-36] Jungkookie the handsome sculpture.

6. [+91][-28] I love both Taehyungie and Jungkookie. I’m just not gonna choose. I’m just gonna feel 2x the happiness ㅠㅠ

7. [+133][-9] It just wouldn’t be the same without our Bermuda-line keke.