Even Karina wouldn’t be able to deny how awesome her body is right?

Her body’s been super nice since she was in middle school..

Despite being Korean, her arms are super skinny and her torso is narrow too. How can she be so slender? Is that possible? Her shoulders and collarbone are insane too.

Lastly, these are just pictures of her face..

The shape of her face is also just daebak..


1. [+180][-19] I’m envious, her body is really beautiful..

2. [+167][-16] What fans who like Karina say: Karina’s body is beautiful / What Karina haters say when they’re exaggerating: You Karina slaves are just hyping her up too damn much. You call this the one-top body among idols? I’ve never seen such crazy overestimation.. This is how those lunatic bxxches talk.

3. [+159][-13] I’m really not mocking her. Like for real. I’m a girl and I’m tryna compliment her. How can anyone have such a slim body? I REALLY… respect her, seriously.

4. [+35][-7] https://youtu.be/UC0TTYb6-mo Her live singing is super good too. Everyone in aespa has solid vocals.

5. [+28][-1] People really diss her so much that even as someone who’s not her fan, I get mad. Stop faking top comments on completely irrelevant posts, dissing her with weird pictures.

6. [+23][-1] Feeling second hand embarrassment for those lunatics who were dissing Karina’s face and body a few days ago. I’m sure there weren’t only just 1 or 2 keke

7. [+23][-2] The prettiest on earth.

8. [+17][-12] When I look at her, she doesn’t look like an SM female idol. but a typical Chinese TikTok-er. Whenever we talk about SM, there’s a certain image that comes into our mind, but she’s very different from that.

9. [+14][-4] Your core fans become more loyal the more you get hated on in the beginning, that’s how it works. Karina, hwaiting.

10. [+14][-5] I’m a JYP stan but the only idol from other agencies to whom I’m subscribed on Bubble is Karina kekeke There’s plenty of her content on Bubble.

11. [+13][-5] I was surprised when I saw Karina’s bareface. She’s really fxxking pretty.