I never expected my American friend to start talking to me about BTS….. I was really surprised because I didn’t even mention them kekekeke Wow.


1. [+51][-4] I live overseas too, they’re so fxxking popular kekeke I buy a lot of their merch too.

2. [+49][-4] If this was in black and white, they would be young-master-whom-I-loved-before material.

3. [+39][-7] But what’s up with that picture??? V’s fxxking handsome………..

4. [+34][-4] No but that day.. was certainly a close-up anniversary of Gwangsan Kims (Jin and V).

5. [+16][-3] Wow.. Jin and V’s vibes are surely unique.. RM is cool too.

6. [+14][-2] Unnecessary. When people show off what they have in their countries, we just say we have BTS. End of story.

7. [+13][-2] I live overseas as well and they’re just known by everyone. Even if they’re not interested, people still know about BTS. At this point I’m not surprised anymore when I hear songs like ‘Butter’, ‘Dynamite’ and ‘DNA’ in shopping malls and stores. I always see BT21 everywhere too.

8. [+13][-1] What’s this pic? V is so handsome.. what’s up with his vibe~ㅠ RM looks so much like a successful entrepreneur~

9. [+11][-0] The title was cut short like this on my phone kekeke I was like, what’s this aggro!!! and I clicked in kekekeke Seems like you have a friend who’s exactly like my friends kekekekekeke I’m a bit embarrassed to ask if they know about BTS or not so I don’t usually talk about them, but my friends are crazier than me kekekekekeke

Wow Is BTS actually famous…

(last letter was cut and it changed the meaning completely)

10. [+8][-0] BTS is really a big thing in the US. They were No.1 in the Billboard chart this week again. They really have a lot of US fans. But BTS’s song was also No.1 in weekly streaming in Japan. The public in Japan listen to BTS songs a lot.

11. [+4][-3] Oh insane. Jungkook is so fxxking handsome.