Isn’t it basically God’s move that he got to meet them? Obviously BTS is popular because their songs are good and there are many different factors ((((in my opinion))) But the main visual members are not just super handsome they are super fxxking handsome and they helped a lot in increasing the recognition of the group.

At that time, BigHit was really a small / medium-sized company – Bang Sihyuk should be fxxking thankful for the rest of his life that V, Jin and Jungkook chose BigHit when they have those visuals.


1. [+59][-3] Even if people have different preferences, no one can disagree that BTS’s Bermuda is super fxxking handsome. BigHit should treat BTS well and they should be thankful but looking at how they are getting treated these days, I- keke like kekekeke… ㅠ

2. [+44][-2] The GIF that made me stan. I really went crazy at that time, touching ㅠㅠ

3. [+44][-2] For real… Even if they lived an ordinary life, they will end up becoming celebrities no matter what.

4. [+26][-0] 3 beauties.

5. [+24][-0] Bang-muda

6. [+22][-0] The fact that the 3 of them going to BigHit was a coincidence.. Taehyungie followed his friend who was also auditioning and he was the only one in that region who passed. After ‘Superstar K’ ended, Jeon Jungkook received 7 business cards inviting him but in the end he chose BigHit. Seokjinie was a theatre major and he didn’t even think about becoming an idol but he got scouted on the streets by BigHit when he was getting off a bus. Compared to their super fxxking handsome faces.. their personalities are so simple and honest and they just go their way. If I had their visuals, I would live as a fxxking attention seeker, fxxk.

7. [+20][-0] Fxxking handsome.

8. [+18][-1] V…. I’m not a BTS fan but I was really shocked by his face. I was bewitched by him for a period of time during ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ and I searched him up a lot kekeke While I was watching them, I realised Jin and Jungkook are also super handsome.

9. [+15][-0] For n years I knew no one else in BTS except V and Rap Monster kekeke In the end Rap Monster became RM and he gave a speech in the UN. I was captivated and became a fan but I definitely cannot deny that Taehyungie caught my eye as a BTS member. Visuals are important indeed.

10. [+15][-1] Jeon Jungkook received 7 business cards but he went to BigHit because of Kim Namjoon, fxxk keke

11. [+14][-2] V is really a lotto~ I’ve never seen such a talented handsome guy like V. That’s why he managed to conquer the world.