They suit so fxxking well though? The b-sides are all so good. People have different opinions but personally I think ‘Outsider’ just feels like a title track. It gives off the real mature vibe and it feels sorta gooey at the same time. I fxxking like the beat which gives off the scent of money. The beat is stuck in my brain kekekekekekekekekeke


1. [+31][-1] For real, it’s so brainwashing it’s dope. You can see group dance scenes from time to time in the MV – I’m so fxxking looking forward to their music show performances.

2. [+30][-1] I really agree. At first it sounded fxxking unfamiliar but after I listened to it twice it’s just fxxking hyped, love it so much.

3. [+7][-0] Thanks!!

4. [+6][-0] kekekeke I agree on ‘beat which gives off the scent of money’.

5. [+5][-1] I also checked it out and it’s the most brainwashing ever.

6. [+2][-0] Beat which gives off the scent of money kekekekekekekekeke I think I get what you mean, thanks kekekekekekeke I love it because it’s a new attempt.

7. [+1][-0] Mhm, it’s great.

8. [+1][-0] It’s new and fxxking good.

9. [+1][-0] I can’t wait to see their music show performances. It’s super brainwashing and the concept is also a perfect match.