How strong-looking is Sehun. He’s really gonna be so cool.


1. [+67][-0] No but when the two of them pull a straight face they’re scary but when they smile they’re just like baby chickens. But there’s no reason for them to pull a straight face when they’re in front of fans. When I went to their concert they were just fxxking cute. They’re only fxxking sexy when performing, it’s dope.

2. [+46][-0] I can’t wait to see their eye smiles when they joke around.

3. [+40][-0] His features are prominent and his skin is white that’s why he looks cold.

4. [+19][-0] He looks like a puppy.

5. [+15][-0] Haa.. Look at how handsome they are, I miss them… I don’t have a clearer ver. of this, sorry.

6. [+13][-0] I don’t think I can even look them in the eye when I attend a fansign.

7. [+9][-0] I miss them.

8. [+7][-0] My baby chicken-nim.

9. [+5][-0] I’ve seen Sehun on the street once and although he is indeed the cold-handsome type, I didn’t feel intimidated by him at all. His eyes are really so bright and shiny that’s why my eyes were just drawn to him… He’s.. more handsome than expected. He has a beautiful face. I was really shocked.

10. [+3][-0] He is fxxking strong-looking indeed but he looks just like a sculpture. A fxxking perfect sculpture.

11. [+3][-0] He really has suuuuuuper fxxking sharp features – his jawline, his nose, they’re all fxxking breathtaking. When I saw him in real life, his eyeliner was strong, that’s why he looked like a real life Slytherin.  

12. [+2][-0] When I went to their concert, Oh Sehunie was really like ‘my sweet little chick’.. Cute…. All I had in my mind was: he’s just a cutie who’s fxxking handsome.