I’m brainwashed by ‘Outsider’.. I wanna know about the members.

Ahhh But I can’t become a fan.



1. [+51][-2] I also joined the fandom last week kekekekekeke I thought I would never like any idol in my whole life.

2. [+49][-2] Ehhng, but we still have 50 years to go, wdym late..? It’s just right.

3. [+40][-2] You’re not late if you join the fandom now. There’s at least 30 more years to go in the future (according to Eungka – Eunkwang’s nickname)

4. [+19][-0] I joined the fandom after falling for Lee Minhyuk in ‘Kingdom’ and right now I’m living a beautiful fangirl life. I’m having the best time throughout my whole fangirl life keke Each and every member has their own charm and above all, I really like how all of their songs are of high quality. Also, I became a fan because I think BTOB still has a long way to go. C’mon, you should join too.

5. [+13][-0] But if you watch their music shows, it’s just a matter of time before you become a fan, so just join the fandom early on now haha.

6. [+12][-0] As someone who entered the fandom during the ‘Beep Beep’ era, I’m telling you: you’re definitely not gonna regret. It was really the happiest time I’ve had as a fangirl. They do their best for their fans, you won’t regret for sure.

7. [+12][-0] It just so happens that Minhyukie left a video message to baby Melodies yesterday:


8. [+10][-0] Definitely!!!!!! I only recently joined the fandom and I went to one of their concerts – there’s no exit ㅎ-ㅎ Once you watch their concert, you’ll be like ‘yah this group will be active for very long, at least like SECHSKIES’.

9. [+9][-0] Their military hiatus will come to an end 74 days later.

10. [+9][-0] Join the fandom. I joined during the ‘Kingdom’ era and I like it so much. Also, forget about denying that you’re becoming a fan, you should start fangirling asap to enjoy more.

11. [+7][-0] Seo Eunkwang said BTOB is going to continue promoting until they’re over 80ㅜ It’s only been 10 years now, so you’re definitely not late.