How can his aura be so different now and back then when he first debuted.

It’s really amazing. I’ve seen a lot of before and now comparisons of male idols showing their growth.

But V is really like a completely different person.

His all-grown face now is certainly my type.

But both look good kekeke


1. [+83][-1] Even now, depending on the hair-makeup-outfit, he can look like a completely different different times. I think he’s a fxxking wonderful person.

2. [+68][-0] His aura when he was young was also no joke..

3. [+67][-1] His aura became stronger as he grew. Even when he first debuted, famous homepage masters could recognise V immediately whenever they saw him on Pann because of his aura. They said he looked perfect already. But that was not the end. He kept grewing. Depending on the hair-makeup-outfit, depending on the concept, he can perfectly transform like a fairy pitta. Seriously, where did someone like this come from? People who found out about V won a great lottery~

4. [+31][-0] BTS V’s face itself is a luxury item.

5. [+25][-0] I’m really curious about the kind of handsome he will be when he reaches his 30~40s.

6. [+25][-0] Thought he’s an elk but turns out he’s a tiger.

7. [+24][-0] Even though he’s all grown up now, he has a different aura when he has bangs, no bangs, or when he parts his hair. And even when he has bangs, depending on the concept that day, he can feel different. He has an amazing face.

8. [+24][-0] That’s why I like him even more. How I can see different images through one person only. Fetus V and V right now, both are good in different ways.

9. [+21][-0] Cute

10. [+21][-0] V all grown up now is my type too. Fxxking handsome guy who looks different depending on his hair-makeup-outfit.

11. [+19][-0] Cute, when he was small.