V said when the choreo is tough, J-Hope is the one who helps him out.

When your dance practices are really tiring, who is the one who helps you overcome them?

V: J-Hope

J-Hope: I should say it’s ARMY…

kekekekeke Hobi changed it to ARMY kekeke


1. [+102][-0] Hyung Joaman (Man who likes his hyung) kekeke

2. [+99][-0] kekekekekekekeke

3. [+92][-0] He only says nice things, Taehyungie can only be a Hoseokie-hyung Joaman ㅠㅠ

4. [+55][-0] Hobi who has lots of akgaes within the group… kekeke

5. [+50][-0] He chose J-Hope too for the member he would introduce his younger sister to.

(V) J-Hope. I feel like he will make my younger sister happy for the rest of her life.

6. [+45][-0] My fav GIF of VHope kekekeke Kim Teddy Bear-ssi who’s happy because he’s with Hobi-hyung.

7. [+36][-1] VHope

8. [+36][-0] Jung Sweetheart!!!!!! Like him so much ㅠ It would be weird if V doesn’t become an akgae if J-Hope takes care of him and treasures him like this keke

9. [+28][-0] But that handwriting is Jungkook’s when he wrote samgyeopsal (pork belly) at first and changed it to ARMY’s love.

10. [+19][-0] Looks like Hoseokie takes really good care of Taehyungie. Although he’s like that to everyone, that’s why Taehyungie likes him.

11. [+17][-0] Look at the 2 of them ke