Wow, this is driving me crazy, what should I do????









(If you look closely at the flashing light text, it was loading and the system got hacked)

F*k f*k f*k f*k

Kim Jungwoo…even as a gif it gives me goosebumps.

Activity club in the day

But at night…

(Oh, can you see the heart shape?? TTTT )

I downloaded all these as soon as it was released, please share more in the comments…

+ Since Spider-Man also has an alter ego, I think he put this on purpose. Sm is a pervert really…


  1. [+246][-10] I swear/curse all day but at times like this, I really mean it.

2. [+183][-8] I learnt that SM are perverts

3. [+157][-5] Jaehyun…

4. [+80][-0] Yah really… Pretty…

5. [+61][-0] Mark

6. [+58][-1] Taeyong Lee is just a heavenly idol…he also acts with his eyes.

7. [+41][-0] Their worldview seems to be connected to the concept of dream.

8. [+40][-1] Jung Jaehyun with that face… Talent + Face = crazy result

9.[+34][-0] AI-19950701

10. [+22][-0] Kim Doyoung is really crazy though????

11. [+21][-18] Agree, disagree!