It’s simple but she’s damn cute and damn pretty.


1. [+115][-7] Heol, her outfit looks simple and innocent.. She’s like a college student.

2. [+98][-7] She’s just wearing a white Muji t-shirt and a black skirt with her hair down, why is her aura so..?.. seriously.

blacpink Jennie style outfit

3. [+62][-6] Heol, f-fxx-fxxking beautiful.

4. [+40][-2] It’s my first time seeing Jennie do a V (hand gesture) in something like her airport pics, but if I wore those slippers it would become a pair of bathroom slippers purchased from Emart Living Home with 3990 KRW.

5. [+29][-59] No joke, she really looks like an ordinary person..

6. [+25][-5] I mean yea she’s a celeb, but she really looks like a celeb.

7. [+21][-2] She’s always pretty.

8. [+20][-2] She wore differently from her original image but she’s pretty in a different way ㅜㅠ

9. [+16][-3] Even with that kind of styling, Jennie still suits really wellㅜㅜ I wanna give her something sweet and tiny, like a piece of cake or macaron, and run away.

10. [+16][-3] No but seriously.. It’s nothing special but it looks so pretty because she’s  Jennie.

11. [+13][-1] Wow Jennie’s posing for the pictures.