is BTOB.

The audio teaser released just now.

It’s just fxxking crazy. Fxxking insane.

Sure, Hit song booja (Someone with many hit songs) BTOB is back with more hit songs..

The composer lineup is already fxxking dope.

After listening to the audio teaser.. it’s just fxxking insane..

Everyone, please invest 2 mins of your time and check it out ㅠㅠ

They’re really BTOB whom you can believe in and listen to.

No.. but the title track..

I know it’s a snippet but isn’t that too short, huh Cube?

So mean, seriously!!

Guys, please please give it a listen. I’m really going crazy.

This is the last 4U comeback before BTOB’s OT7 reunion.

Everyone, please show lots of support ❤❤❤❤❤❤


1. [+152][-7] I’m not their fan but I really like the first track. I feel like BTOB really suits overwhelming sentimental songs!!

2. [+150][-7] I’m not their fan, but what I envy = Everytime they make a comeback it’s a fxxking hit song (I’m also super excited)

3. [+139][-7] I feel like it’s gonna be a legendary album. This post is going to become sacred soon.

4. [+75][-0] Cube’s composing skills are really no joke.. I heard that sunbaes are making a comeback!! Universe (PENTAGON fan) is coming~

5. [+64][-0] I’m not a fan, but I clicked into it without any thoughts and now I keep on replaying ‘Dreamer’, is that normal?

6. [+59][-1] Is it because they sing well.. Strangely, BTOB’s songs are easy to listen to. Although I’m not their fan, I feel like I listen to their first b-side a lot whenever they release a new album!

7. [+56][-1] I’m not their fan but this is so good… I hope it goes well.

8. [+53][-0] Shit… I’m not their fan but after listening to the audio teaser my heart is fxxking racing.

9. [+50][-0] Lee Minhyuk, a man like you is so amazing. Believe in and listen to BTOB unconditionally. If you want to deny, I shall accept if it is in the form of streaming their songs.

Minhyuk: Believe in and listen to BTOB’s title track.

10. [+50][-0] I’m a Universe, but I listened to it just now! No but the first track ‘Dreamer’? That’s not the title track??? Wow.. How much better is the title track…

11. [+49][-0] I’m not their fan, but I like the songs composed by Minhyuk. As expected, this time it’s good too. Believe in and listen to BTOB.