First of all, their coordis are already-


1. [+196][-88] Above all, they’re probably gonna envy them for being popular despite not having to go on useless variety shows, ruin their images and do aegyo.

2. [+162][-21] They’ve been given luxurious outfits since debut and they’re the global ambassadors for Chanel, Dior, Celine and YSL.. All of them have over 40 million followers on Instagram, and they’re the top among all female idols in every aspect.

3. [+161][-10] Their coordis really do their job well keke I love all of Jennie’s outfits for ‘Solo’.

4. [+70][-4] Honestly, I think 90% of the luxury brands that BP became ambassadors for are those they’ve worn in the past.

5. [+44][-13] BP’s image is already really high-class.

6. [+40][-2] For real though, sometimes when I see them I just think: it’s not easy to wear those clothes at that age… I’m sure celebs have their own problems too… I’m sure so many fxxking coordis think like that.

7. [+35][-10] Firstly, from their faces.. they must be fxxking envious.

8. [+32][-12] I’m curious, how many years are they gonna be the one-top for? I don’t see any rivals who can even compare with them.

9. [+27][-9] I’m a fan of another girl group but there’s nothing to criticise BP about except for their agency keke Music charts, album sales, concerts, they’re unsurpassable in everything. Even if they only release one full album + repackage in one year, they manage to sell over 2 million copies. Their agency’s just not doing their job.

10. [+17][-6] You won’t believe this is their debut MV style keke They’re really pretty.

11. [+15][-7] Their image is good, they earn a lot, they’re popular – they’re the best.