She didn’t really stand out to me because of the other members in Red Velvet,

But now I’m thinking: wow, Yeri’s really fxxking pretty.

Who wouldn’t click into the video if the thumbnail’s that pretty?

Ahh this drama’s also fxxking interesting.


1. [+197][-47] This is Playlist’s work, tbh it’s more interesting than A-Teen.

2. [+124][-41] Yea for real, and her acting is good too.

3. [+119][-22] Seriously, Yerim looks pretty no matter what. I think her eyes are particularly pretty…

4. [+56][-3] Fxxking pretty.

5. [+33][-3] From episode 5 onwards, that drama is really interesting.

6. [+31][-2] It’s fxxking cute when Yeri’s gesturing hearts at the window.

7. [+30][-53] Not pretty at all..

8. [+27][-5] I was surprised because her acting was better than expected.

9. [+24][-31] Her face is just a very common web drama actress face keke

10. [+22][-18] Her facial expressions are all the same.

11. [+19][-1] That drama is interesting.