They still look a bit stiff but their visuals seem to match quite well? Cute kekekeke

NCT Jungwoo SKZ Lee Know Kim Minjoo


1. [+321][-19] Kim Jungwoo Hwaiting❤️❤️

2. [+186][-23] Please take good care of our Lee Know.

3. [+104][-4] Their visual combo is amazing.

4. [+75][-1] They said this trio is called ‘WooJuHo’ (spaceship) haha I think this is a nice name.

5. [+68][-2] Jungwoo fighting!

6. [+62][-3] Please show lots of love and support to SKZ’s comeback on August 23rd too❤️

7. [+57][-4] Wow.. Lee Know-ssi is fxxking handsome.

8. [+55][-0] Although this was expected, all 3 of them have fxxking small faces. Kim Minjoo’s face is already so small, how small are the two guys’ faces….

9. [+52][-0] Sigh, NCTzens and STAYs are having a tough time because of aggros. Everyone, don’t feed them attention~~~~ I support all 3 MCs!!!

10. [+52][-0] Apparently it’s their first time meeting each other when they took that picture kekekeke It’s so cute how all 3 of them are so stiff.

11. [+47][-2] Please take good care of our Jungwoo.