There’s a reason why SM-face is a thing. These 2 are shocking.

I never thought they looked similar in the past. 


1. [+125][-19] Heol, if you cover her mouth, she’s just like Irene kekeke

2. [+91][-98] How much did she fix (with plastic surgery)?

3. [+56][-25] Guys, she looks more like Irene if you zoom in.

4. [+30][-25] What’s this, is this a new type of aggro?

5. [+29][-15] When SNSD debuted, they called her Hyokeu (Hyo + ORC monster) because she was famous for being ugly. How dare you compare her to Irene…

6. [+26][-1] From STAYC to Brave Girls, why are there so many posts about idols looking like Irene. It’s only some screenshots that somehow happen to look alike, but they actually look completely different. Please don’t feed aggros attention.

7. [+23][-14] People were making a bigger fuss out of this because they said she looked more like Irene keke

[Image: Brave Girls Yuna]

8. [+22][-0] Kinda feel like this is gonna attract aggros ㅠㅠ let’s not feed them attention.

9. [+16][-0] I think it’s just this pic that looks similar though.

10. [+14][-4] Her eyebrows are Irene’s eyebrows.