Is it because the styling is similar to Joy’s ‘Hello’ era?


1. [+68][-3] At first I was like ehh? But after clicking into the post, I kinda get it.

2. [+40][-1] It’s my first time seeing Suzy do this kind of styling. Although she looks good in any kind of styling, I don’t think this kind showcases her strengths well.. Looks like kids messing with make up ㅜㅜ Even so, it’s a good thing that we get to see her trying different things right?

3. [+39][-3] Oh, yea for real, the feel is there.

4. [+12][-3] Our Suzy-nim❤️

5. [+11][-0] No but she doesn’t just look like Joy, she looks like Joy during ‘Hello’ era.

6. [+9][-0] She really looks like Joy in this picture.

7. [+8][-0] Edits done by Suzy’s fans look more like Suzy. Suzy’s fans are really good at editing.

8. [+7][-4] Doesn’t look like it’s Suzy though. The makeup seems weird. Pink doesn’t look good on her.

9. [+4][-0] Seems like it’s because the styling is similar to Joy’s styling in the album photos of ‘Hello’, but tbh I don’t really like Joy’s album photos kekekekeke Whether it’s Suzy or Joy, they look pretty when their double eyelids are shown, but here they are covering her double eyelids with smoky makeup, it kinda kills her beauty. Of course I know both of them are pretty, but this is so bad it just makes me think their bare faces will probably look better than this.

10. [+2][-2] Am I the only one who thinks she’s fxxking beautiful? My heart fluttered after seeing that and I liked the post.

11. [+2][-2] Pictures don’t seem to be able to capture Suzy’s beauty fully. Looking at how she looks better on TV than in pictures, she probably looks 5 trillion, 5 hundred million times better in real life than on TV. I really want to see her in real life..