Is NCT Jaehyun-nim… He’s famous for his good looks and everyone knows about that, but his story is just insane…

Because his father is a professor, he lived in Connecticut in the US when he was a kid, from 5yo to 10yo. Thanks to that, his English is very fluent. In fact, it’s easy to forget a language and since he was only there for about 4 years it’s hard to become good but he said he’s been studying hard so that he wouldn’t forget the language,,, Right now, he’s in charge of English together with the other foreign members in NCT.

And when he returned to Korea, he went to school in Kangnam’s 8th school district. During his time at Shindong middle school, a legendary incident happened. It’s a famous story about first love, so those who know it will know. When they first debuted, Jaehyun and Johnny who’s also an NCT member went on a radio show called ‘NCT Night Night’. On the show, a girl sent in a story about her first love and Jaehyun read the story out loud without any thoughts, while agreeing to what the girl said from time to time. But, the last sentence was [I liked Jung Jaehyun sunbae-nim from Shindong middle school]. The room was flipped upside down and of course it was all over the place… It turned out that a hoobae who had a crush on Jung Jaehyun sent her story to the radio… He’s the first love of everyone…

Jaehyun’s first-love story

During his student era, he was also the class re and assistant class rep because he got along very well with his friends. According to his home room teacher, he took the initiative to approach classmates who didn’t really fit into the class and helped them naturally become close with everyone.

He’s also very good at his job, his dancing, singing and rapping are no joke. SM does street casting with people because of their good-looking visuals so usually you don’t really know how skilled they are, but he’s the main vocal, lead dancer and sub rapper in the group… I’m speechless when it comes to his vocals. The video of him singing in a festival during middle school is still on YouTube, so if you’re doubting his vocals I recommend you check that out. Even if you don’t watch that video, you’ll know why he’s the main vocal of the group if you listen to NCT’s title tracks… His dancing is also very charismatic. Overall, the feeling is heavy and his moves are powerful. But because of his flexible upper body giving a soft feeling, there are also lots of comments saying that his unique dancing is very charismatic. If you don’t believe this, just watch any of his fancams… As a reference, during their ‘Resonance’ MV shooting back in 2020, he was busy filming his drama ‘Dear.M’ at that time. He memorised the choreo one day before they filmed the MV… Even so, he did well as the center. What’s more, this man kekekekeke was a rapper when he was a trainee… Now, he’s still somewhat in charge of rap…

Jaehyun’s middle school festival vocals

Jaehyun’s dancing

But this man… even has a perfect personality. If you look at the posts he wrote on the internet when he was a student, and the messages he sent to his foreign friends, his words and actions are very mature compared to his age. He’s also famous for taking good care of his members… He’s also quite young among the members in the group, you can tell immediately from the fact that he’s especially popular with the NCT DREAM members. Yesterday was member Mark’s birthday, and Jaehyun got Mark a bracelet as a gift – Mark said he wanted that bracelet when they walked past it before)… Mark was so happy he showed off a few times kekeke Also, he really hates lying and he’s really bad at it. He’s the type to have all his emotions written on his face. He has emphasized quite a few times that he wants to become ‘a person who doesn’t deceive themselves’. When he became a trainee, he told his mom ‘mom, from now on you can live your life doing the things you like’. She’s not just anyone’s mom.

Lastly, he’s good at sports. He learned bowling for 3 weeks before participating in ISAC, and he broke the record with a score of 243 points… kekekeke Apart from this, he also has taekwondo belts, and he likes basketball and soccer as well.

He’s also called the ‘valentine boy’ because his birthday is on Feb 14th… That’s the same day as the day his agency SM was founded kekekeke This man whose birthday seemed to be decided by God… Till this day I still can’t forget the shock I had when I heard about his story.

Finally, please show lots of love and support to NCT 127’s comeback in September!! It’s a full album, following ‘Kick It’ from last year~!


1. [+253][-11] His past is also fxxking perfect even with that face. Look at his tone on Cyworld (Korean social community) when he was still in primary..

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2. [+164][-2] What’s even more amazing is that his parents met at Shindong Middle School and later had Jaehyun who attended Shindong Middle School where they first met and who became the Valentine boy because his birthday is February 14 and became the unrequited love among his Shindong classmates…its like a drama.

2. [+133][-5] Definitely check out Jaehyun’s cover for ‘I Like Me Better’.

3. [+93][-5] This is a press conference photo.. isn’t it insane?

4. [+70][-0] Is this a press conference photo?? But he’s really so handsome. Please pretend you didn’t see Sooman Lee.

5. [+57][-0] Look at this peach’s dimples.

6. [+54][-0] Guys.. It’s been a week since I found out about him, he’s really… really NCT Jaehyun..

7. [+48][-1] For public benefit, I’m sharing this Jaehyun who was caught on camera when he was messing around with his hyung… (the one on the right).

8. [+12][-0] The person who’s marrying Jung Jaehyun, pay more tax.

9. [+11][-0] The feeling of seeing him in real life.. Where should I go if I wanna see this person?

10. [+37][-0] This guy is….even cute.

11. [+30][-0] Jaehyun from the School of Performing Arts Seoul.