1. [+334][-90] Ahh but it pisses me off how they’re filming her legs from that angle, she’s still a kid.

2. [+133][-2] Her hair-makeup-outfit at that time was legendary. She suits really well.

3. [+84][-2] I think Jang Wonyoung suits that kind of wavy hairstyle the most. Fxxking pretty.

4. [+37][-3] How shook would Japanese people be if they see Wonyoungie.. They saw Kanna and called her a cheon-nyeon-dol (rarely beautiful and perfect idol), how surprised would they be if they see Wonyoungie who is so beautiful and has such good proportions kekekekeke

5. [+26][-0] Jang Wonyoung has a summer cool (skin) tone but why do I think the brown hair at that time is the best of all? Is it because she suited her outfit too well?

6. [+15][-30] Guys probably think that girls get jealous like ‘hmph! Jang Wonyoung is ugly. She looks ugly without makeup. Hmph.’ kekekeke but in reality, most girls are like ‘wow so pretty, she’s my unnie if she’s pretty’ (famous line fans say to their biases). There are too many girls who are protecting her.

7. [+12][-0] I can definitely say that ‘La Vie en Rose’ Jang Wonyoung was fxxking legendary.

8. [+12][-0] Wow she’s really born to be a celebrity.

9. [+10][-0] Not this one, the one where she was standing next to a short Japanese male celebrity, that one was dope… It was a bit exaggerated – it seemed like her pelvis was at the same height as the guy’s shoulders.

10. [+9][-7] She’s still in her 10s, the camera’s really disgusting. Japanese people as expected. I’m not criticising Jang Wonyoung!

11. [+5][-0] Hella pretty, God Wonyoung as expected.