From what I know, during her solo activities, she’s done live broadcasts,

and she also posted a lot of photos on Instagram.

But now that she’s not promoting, she doesn’t communicate with her fans at all…


Jennie did 2 or 3 V LIVEs recently,

Jisoo communicates a lot,

Lisa’s busy preparing for her solo.

But Rosé’s not doing anything. Why does she not communicate at all..?


1. [+230][-26] Idiot, go watch ‘The Sea of Hope’.

2. [+185][-23] She does Instagram lives the most. The one who holds a mini concert during her lives, singing 4, 5 songs for fans, is Rosé. If you can’t get your facts right, fxxk off please.

3. [+160][-15] She communicated with fans excessively during her solo activities, she’s always appearing on ‘The Sea of Hope’, she came back from the US and will be communicating during their upcoming 5th year anniversary event.. What’s the problem?

4. [+76][-36] She stopped uploading to her YouTube channel too, it’s just for the purpose of advertising her solo… keke

5. [+75][-35] There must be something more important to her than communicating with fans.

6. [+52][-6] Seems like she’s just not feeling well after coming back from the US though? She’s the type who’s careful with everything.

7. [+37][-5] Is Rosé in a relationship too? Jennie’s famous for not communicating with fans too, and after finding out, she’s in a relationship.

8. [+26][-1] Scolding her saying she’s not communicating is really kekekeke If you’re really her fan you wouldn’t even write a post like this kekeke

9. [+26][-29] Seriously, what’s she doing recently.. it’s really like she’s on ghosting mode.

10. [+25][-3] Trying very hard again to build akgae-Pann (akgaes stan 1 member and hate on others).

11. [+24][-1] Member who does the most Instagram lives: Rosé. Member who goes on Channel+ most often: Jisoo.