This is a photo from a news article, their proportions are daebak.

Jennie Jisoo Rosé Lisa


1. [+151][-72] Can’t we only see their proportions properly when they take off their heels?

2. [+114][-24] Wow if you see Rosé and Lisa in real life, you really can’t see anyone else apart from them. What are those physiques *trembles*.

3. [+99][-13] Their proportions are too much.

4. [+74][-7] All of their faces are fxxking small and their legs are insanely long. BP’s proportions are really fxxking dope kekekeke

5. [+32][-15] If you see BP in real life, it must be very obvious they’re celebrities. Even if you see them from afar, you can tell straight away that they’re celebrities.

6. [+26][-42] Are you an anti? Their proportions aren’t that good except for Lisa.

7. [+21][-11] Your choice of picture isn’t so nice though..? I don’t know about the rest apart from Lisa. Jennie’s heels are too high.

8. [+20][-4] Tbh it’s not just Rosé who’s on heels, isn’t it really dope if they’re like that? Everyone knows that Lisa has good proportions even if she’s not wearing heels.

8. [+20][-4] Ahh fxxking pretty, seriously. All 4 of them are hella beautiful.

9. [+19][-0] 4 members like this in one group..

10. [+18][-1] Mhm, all 4 of them are wearing sneakers here.

11. [+17][-7] Lisa and Jennie’s faces are so small.