Jungkookie wanted to hide that he’s preparing for a birthday event, fxxking cute kekekekekeke

It’s Jungkookie’s birthday tomorrow. He told his fans he’s not asking them to wish him a happy birthday; he’s asking them to write down what they want to say to him through lyrics. But the fans are writing nothing but birthday wishes.

ARMYs are doing great right?!

Everyone, it’s my birthday soon..!

If you have anything you wanna say to me,

please leave that down! (Like lyrics)

Looking at how he uploaded another post, I think he’s going to post a surprise gift like a fan song on his birthday, but he’s trying his best to pretend as if he’s not, and it looks like he’s beating around the bush kekekekekeke

He really wanted to hide it but it’s so obvious. My heart is destroyed ㅠㅠㅠ This pure cutie.

Everyone, it’s not my birthday yet… kekekekeke lol

Guys you have to understand my intention..! haha

Nothing about my birthday. Please write a few sentences like ‘lyrics’

of what you wanted to say to me haha

Just the thought of how Jungkookie is gonna sluggishly get ready for a surprise birthday party,

already makes him cute kekekekekekekeke I’ve waited sooo long for tomorrow.

Happy birthday, Jungkook ah.


1. [+117][-2] I just really like Jeon Jungkook.

2. [+116][-2] Jeon Jungkook, receive nothing but love.

-To explain how amazing you are: you can not only make me smile but you can also make me cry in 10 secs.

-Me? Really?

-You made me smile today, you’ve worked hard.


-You don’t know how much impact you have on me.

-Me? Really?


-On you?

-It’s not an easy thing to become a person who can have an impact on someone else. But you’re that kind of person!

3. [+70][-2] We caught the event but let’s pretend we don’t know haha Soondongie (kind and cute kid) is too cute.

4. [+64][-1] 20 million viewers and 2 billion hearts, is this real… Soondoong ah, there are so many people who love you ㅜ

5. [+50][-1] Seriously, he’s so lovely, what should I do.. He said he’s holding back his tiredness because it’s his birthday. He sang songs for us for 2 hours straight and he said he’s going to sleep happily. He’s really so lovely, what should I do?

6. [+40][-1] My singer who’s showing his process of writing music. I’m Jeon Jungkook’s in this life, don’t stop me.

7. [+40][-1] Jeon Jungkook who’s celebrating his birthday with 20 million ARMYs… He’s stopping ARMYs from going to sleep kekekekeke

8. [+31][-1] He’s on V LIVE now and he’s making a song with ARMYs’ lyrics kekeke Wow kekekekekekeke He did a birthday event for us instead kekekeke ㅠ

9. [+18][-1] Look at how he typed a heart… It’s nothing big, but why is my heart fluttering ㅠㅠ

I’m reading your comments this whole time, it’s healing…♡

10. [+17][-1] Why is he so cute, seriously.

11. [+15][-1] kekekeke Jungkook ah, thank you so much for doing a V LIVE for > 2 hrs. I really love you so much for showing your love for your fans.