Hwang Sunwoo: I like (Idol) BLACKPINK Jennie and ITZY Yeji.

Reporter: From now on they’ll be able to recognise you.

Hwang Sunwoo: Wow… that would be really great.


1. [+291][-5] kekeke Wow… That would be really great.

2. [+178][-48] Jendeuk (Jennie’s nickname)

3. [+161][-26] Yeddeong (Yeji’s nickname)

4. [+82][-3] I like Yeji too..

5. [+67][-0] I know what type he likes, he likes trendy beauty. He hasn’t changed.

6. [+48][-4] Yeji is so pretty ㅠㅠ


7. [+44][-4] No one can resist Jennie.

8. [+42][-0] They’re exactly kekekeke the most popular type of female faces kekekekeke

9. [+41][-2] Looks like he likes pretty cat-faces.

10. [+33][-2] There’s no way you can not like her. You’ve worked hard!!

11. [+27][-6] How can you not like her.