1. [+182][-16] Seems like he’s imitating Leonardo DiCaprio, cute.

2. [+158][-85] Why is he getting younger and younger? He’s aging backwards.

3. [+154][-25] Our teddy bear who’s also really really really good at acting… His all-back hair makes him look like Gregory Peck… Handsome

4. [+69][-28] He looks more virtuous now.

5. [+63][-19] Dunno if he gained cheek fat or if his chin grew but he looks rounder now. I can’t really see his past face anymore.

6. [+62][-3] This was Kim Taehyung yesterday. You tried to write a post dissing him but it didn’t work. Are you not gonna delete what you wrote even after dragging in a western actor and leaving bad comments? The author is really evil.

7. [+53][-52] Agree or disagree) This was not written by an ARMY, it’s written by someone who’s tryna cosplay as a fan. From the start, they’re spamming curses and mentioning western actors on purpose in order to build up best comments. >> Don’t give them attention <<

8. [+49][-4] From the best comments to the post everything is fake. The author is not gonna delete the post either. Because they’re an aggro that’s why they’re talking about Gregory Peck. Bulshit. Please don’t give them attention.

Indifference to aggros is pain to them

9. [+44][-6] His visuals defeated the horrible hair makeup and outfit.

10. [+36][-14] He gained weight.

11. [+33][-25] Cheesy…