Fxxking handsome.. Is he crazy? Is he human??


1. [+109][-4] A fan made this but it’s really a perfect match

2. [+105][-4] Awesome development

3. [+85][-3] Cute puppy

4. [+47][-0] His physique is also perfect

5. [+43][-1] He hasn’t changed at all since his Rookies era..

6. [+42][-0] For real, Kim Jungwoo’s personality is like a puppy, dunno if it’s because he’s easy-going, but if you only look at his face and physique he looks like a rookie actor… He’s the only one who doesn’t know how handsome he is, fxxk

7. [+37][-0] Love Kim Jungwoo so muchㅠㅠ

8. [+36][-0] The first time I saw this was on Twitter, and I thought they’re gonna post more pictures of Jungwoo during his Rookies era. That’s why it took me very long to search for the source of this pic.

9. [+34][-0] August – Music Core MC, September – comeback. I’m so looking forward.

10. [+33][-0] The comment in the bottom is asking if this is his individual CF. This is NCT 127’s group CF!

11. [+27][-0] Jungwoo imitating Tom and Jerry.

12. [+25][-0] He looks exactly like when he was a rookie.

13. [+21][-0] I’m a fan who can write a thesis about Jungwoo’s charms. He’s a sweetheart, cute and handsome. Even though he has a handsome face, I love him the most because of his personality.

14. [+20][-0] Awesome 180cm puppy with abs.