They’re watching out for each other because sasaengs keep on trying to sneak into the bathroom when they’re inside.


Fxxk Look at This, EXO’s Sasaengs

They even shaved their hair just to chase after EXO into the bathroom;;

Gives me goosebumps seriously.

And so these crazy bxxches shaved their hair (to look like a guy) so that they can go into the bathroom keke


Do Kyungsoo’s underwear for sale ^^ I took this directly from their dorm by myself, it was extremely tough. I am thinking 10,000 KRW. You don’t believe me? There were a couple of hair strands on the underwear, go test for DNA ^^ I’ve got their socks too. Do not argue or tackle one another. I’m going to get Sehun’s underwear next week, and I’m accepting reservations ^^ EXO-M’s security is too strong so I couldn’t get through. I was barely able to get this one. I’m selling hair strands too ^^.

The fxxking famous Do Kyungsoo Underwear on Sale Incident.

They pushed Kai and he tripped.

They went on the same plane just to take pictures of EXO and they refunded the ticket.

They made Luhan trip and they were groping him.

In the airport.

Sehun’s leg was injured because of sasaengs.

Pictures of Tao taken in a hotel in Thailand + Sasaengs installing a recorder in his room.

EXO sasaengs are horrible..

Some fan gave EXO a teddy bear as a present.

EXO was about to board the plane while holding the teddy bear,

But they couldn’t pass the metal detector at the security check.

After the search, it turned out to be a camera lens hidden in the teddy bear’s eye;;

Sigh… I heard it’s even worse in China.. Sasaengs installed a hidden camera in the bathroom inside the hotel they were temporarily staying at. They took pictures of their private parts and pictures comparing their sizes were circulating the internet… A fan stuck something in their backpack and it ended up being underwear with a sanitary pad, compared to this and filming in the bathroom, following them onto the plane is just beginner level. They wanted to follow them into the bathroom and film them but of course they couldn’t, seriously. EXO’s sasaengs.

Installing a camera inside a teddy bear.

Tbh there’s a lot more than this that EXO went through keke Sasaengs sneaked into their dorms and sexually harassed the members. Kyungsoo had a bruise on his eye after a sasaeng hit him in the eye with a DSLR camera. And the sasaeng who left their underwear in EXO’s backpack and ran away. SM only sueing sasaengs now and not at that time when it was such a serious issue kekeke I heard Baekhyun has sasaengs in the military too, fxxk. I hope all these sasaengs die.


1. [+259][-2] The worst one that went most overboard was during Baekhyun’s older brother’s wedding. It was very obvious that Byun Baekhyun was fxxking pissed off. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime wedding, can’t imagine how angry he was and how sorry he felt to his brother and his sister-in-law.

Never heard nor seen before, fans appeared at the wedding ceremony of EXO Baekhyun’s brother.

They were yelling ‘Baekhyun oppa, look at me’.

The members were trying to convince them saying they’ll give them autographs after the ceremony is over, but they ignored the members.

Look at his face flushing red.. There’s no way he can not get mad at this..

2. [+237][-3] TVXQ and EXO really suffered a lot, especially mentally.

3. [+219][-10] I fxxking love Byun Baekhyun’s attitude when dealing with sasaengs kekeke

Baekhyun: Make sure you differentiate clearly between love (sarang) and sasaeng! Both have the same first character, but their attitudes are completely different, hoot.

4. [+93][-0] But it was really especially serious in EXO’s case. Obviously they had a lot of sasaengs, but they also had lots of extreme hardcore female freinds. During that time, just a quick search on the internet and you’ll see fans carving ‘EXO saranghae’ on their thighs using a knife. Pics of fans self-harming were circulating the internet;;;;

5. [+85][-3] Seriously, why are they alive… Crazy people.

6. [+70][-0] Idols nowadays are really pure kekekeke Actually EXO was the last generation with extreme sasaeng culture. There are still sasaengs these days, but they’re a lot weaker in terms of numbers and power that’s why…

7. [+62][-4] The more I think about it the more pissed off I get. Why didn’t SM take legal action at that time? Fxxk.

8. [+56][-0] Kyungsoo was saying his eyes hurt when he got hit by a DSLR camera. I’m fxxking pissed off by these sasaengs.

9. [+53][-0] It was really serious at that time…. Not only sasaengs, there was this time when someone made

a threat post saying they’re gonna feed Oh Sehun a drink with detergent in it during ISAC? So fans were trying to protect Sehun by warning him not to drink anything given to him by others and this was such a big fuss it was on trending search.

10. [+46][-0] TVXQ SJ EXO NCT, it’s getting less serious following this order.. I dug up and read about the sasaengs of TVXQ SJ and EXO, it was really super serious.

11. [+44][-4] I know of some sasaengs around me, and they call themselves fans kekeke They don’t know I use Pann and that I follow idols kekeke After finding out Oh Sehun’s number, they keep on checking his KKT profile pic everyday. Whenever they’re bored they go to Oh Sehun’s house to check whether his car is there or not, and they stand in front of the building counting the floors and checking whether the lights in his house or on or off. They’re doing all that bullshit but not purchasing a single album, all they do are sasaeng things keke When I tell her to go to the airport because they’re gonna recognise her she gets so fxxking happy.