She’s too beautiful.


1. [+140][-16] Her eyes nose lips and ears are super gorgeous, but she gives off a natural and pure vibe. She has a face that both guys and girls will like. She’s really pretty.

2. [+104][-7] For real.

3. [+89][-9] How pretty will she be if I get to see her in real life? I feel like her visuals are gonna be fxxking amazing.

4. [+70][-1] She has a gorgeous cat-like face that girls like and the natural and pure vibe, beautiful body, and gentle / innocent personality that guys like. I think that’s why both guys and girls like her.

5. [+59][-1] Even her body is beautiful.

6. [+43][-2] Pretty.

7. [+40][-1] No but how can she look this pretty with a basic camera kekekeke I saw this pic on Enter-talk and I immediately fan-ah-jeo-ed (saved the pic despite not being a fan).

8. [+36][-0] Kim Minjoo is an angel.

9. [+36][-0] When you look at her looks only, she’s closer to a cat and it seems like she’s gonna be shy, but she really has a gentle personality – overflowing charisma.

10. [+33][-0] Her face aside, her body proportions are also beautiful. When I saw her pics from the 1000% stage, my mouth really dropped.

11. [+31][-22] Agree or disagree❤️