This is a shitty picture but.. I saw a post yesterday talking about plastic surgery and all that.

My nose bridge also starts from between my brows like that, but it’s natural.. 

So I just wanted to let people know that there are people who have noses that look like that naturally. 

That’s it, bye.


1. [+207][-7] Does your hand not get cut?

2. [+176][-3] Can you slide on that nose?

3 [+116][-6] Pretty.

4. [+23][-1] Does snow pile up on your nose on a snowy day?

5. [+21][-3] Wow your nose is a piece of art. I’m fxxking envious.

6. [+15][-4] This kind of nose is my wannabe nose… For real, a nose like Yeji’sㅠ Her side profile is fxxking legendary. I think she has the nicest forehead-nose transition and prettiest nose among all female idols, seriously.

7. [+14][-1] Are you Min Hyorin by any chance?

8. [+11][-0] kekekeke Posting this again.

9. [+9][-0] Not only is her nose pretty, her skin is also fxxking fxxking fxxking good.

10. [+8][-0] Didn’t you post about this before as well?

11. [+7][-19] J-Hope has that kind of nose too, and he didn’t get plastic surgery.