1st place for being the worst on Idol Pann 

Even overseas fans don’t like it, who is dis for?. 
BTS Jungkook Jin V Suga Jimin RM J-Hope There’s only 7 of them how can you be so bad (in styling)? 


1. [+290][-5] This is true.

[BTS Stylists are Really Incompetent 
In one sentence, they’re just incompetent. 
If people with this level of competence can be the stylists for the current most popular male idol, 
Shouldn’t they be seriously considering whether they have talent or not? 
Even if it’s luxury brands, they reform their clothes. I know they used to do a great job, 
But the agency doesn’t know how serious this is, whether their stylists have lost their initial mindset or they have changed.]

2. [+275][-7] They’re the most successful idol in the world, look at what their stylists are making them wear kekeke A fashion designer who hasn’t yet graduated will definitely do a better job than them. 

3. [+233][-6] Their hair makeup and clothes are indeed really bad…. What are they doing to these good-looking kids. 

4. [+110][-0] But for real BigHit needs to realise how serious this is. It seems like they’re still oblivious about this right now fxxk. Styling is so important for idols… BigHit is just believing in BTS, not introducing any changes. Like this, the agency is gonna decline. 

5. [+108][-2] When I saw them wearing formal in a beer ad I really wanted to fxxking destroy it. Please stop, seriously. 

6. [+86][-1] The stylists bad but.. Please, please give up on that slickback hairstyle with half a bottle of wax applied ㅠㅠ.. Why are you doing an old time James Dean hairstyle on them ㅜㅜ… 

7. [+85][-0] Because BigHit is a go-in-mul (spent a long time doing something) party that’s why they’re just going with the original hair-makeup-stylist team who has lost competence and passion already. That’s why this is happening. They only look good in filmed productions where Kim Surin is the main stylist kekeke  Looking at how the comments on BigHit Review are saying they’re a go-in-mul party,,, I just want everything to be changed.