A Fan Asked BTS Jungkook How to Lose Weight and…

“Oppa, how can I lose weight?”

“Get up now”

>>He’s telling us to get up right now LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO<<

“Do 100 squats…”

(((One.. hundred.. times? Well first of all, I’m eliminated here)))

“And right~~~~ after that…”

“Do a 30-rep abs exercise”

“And to finish~~~”

“Do 15 burpees”

“And I think that’ll do”

“It’s so easy to lose weight right?”

He’s a scary person…

So, this means such a cool Jungkook will be born if we follow this workout right..?

But still, I give up on imitating him in this LOLLLLLLLL I wanna be satisfied just by watching him

I’ll only imitate him in eating. Jungkook ah, thank you for the advice ^_^


1. [+37][-1] I went to look for it on Twitter just now kekekeke Because I’m curious what exactly it was.

2. [+27][-1] It’s so damn funny how when Jungkook drinks beer during his live, ARMYs copy him, and when he eats fried chicken, ARMYs copy him, but when he does a boxing live, ARMYs just sit still and watch him without doing anything LMAFOOOOOOOO

3. [+25][-0] Exactly, he talked about this for a long time, but only 3 things were captured here kekekekekekeke I saw a video of some international ARMY exercising because Jungkook told them to, and they said they wanted to die kekeke Jungkook only said a few things that came to his mind.

4. [+22][-1] I’ll die before that

5. [+16][-0] How many exercises are missing from this post? There’s a lot more to do kekekekeke