These 3 Faces in IVE Really Don’t Match

For real… They can’t be without Yujin and Leeseo. They look like they belong to super different groups.


1. [+85][-2] Even in terms of physique, An Yujin and Jang Wonyoung have to be next to each other. Because if one of them is missing, the one who’s there stands out too much… keke

2. [+35][-11] IVE will never work out without Annyeongz

3. [+27][-5] When Liz isn’t there, it’s indeed obvious that Rei gained weight. Because the 2 next to her are the especially skinny type

4. [+22][-2] It’s just that picture. When you watch their stage performances, all IVE members have similar images and they’re all pretty though

5. [+20][-0] Leeseo resembles every other member a little bit, so when she’s together with them, she kinda ‘neutralises’ the difference