Have You Seen the Video of YG’s Rookie Girl Group BABYMONSTER that came out??

No but like there ain’t many members whose faces were properly shown

Overall, their proportions seem to be alright

But they don’t seem to have that unique YG vibe…

Still gotta wait to see more of them to know, but idk if they have a definite visual member like Jisoo as well



1. [+390][-7] I thought the first picture was Kim Garam

2. [+270][-3] No but, Mr. Yang, please.. Why are you appearing in the teaser for a rookie girl group; They’re still complete rookies and not much proper content of them has come out yet, and you know clearly that people will react negatively if you yourself appear, so why did you still do that?

3. [+238][-5] I genuinely thought Kim Garam appeared again feeling unfair

4. [+228][-2] Yang Hyunsuk is appearing again since New Year just because he was found ‘not guilty’ kekeke

5. [+107][-39] It’s a pity that there is no member like Jennie, someone who you feel like you haven’t seen before