I Really Think Lee Jongsuk.. is Mehㅜㅠ

A lot of people are reacting by congratulating them and saying how well they match, but honestly…. I really feel bad for IUㅠㅠ

He would have known that articles would come out, and even if they had agreed in advance, it’s still an open confession during his speech at a year-end awards ceremony. Besides, it is okay to just say that they developed from friends to lovers, but he just had to say she’s his ‘first love’ and blah blah blah… I think it’s too much. I think he’s too drunk on his own emotions/narrative.

His fancafe post seemed frivolous as well, aaaaaarghhhhhhhh, what can I even do just from getting so annoyedㅠㅠ Saying that his girlfriend (who is 4 years younger) is like a noona to him, that he can rely on her and that he respects her, of course these are really nice words and can be said between lovers. But we basically all know roughly what his usual personality is like from the rumours going around… Hearing those words, it makes me think it’ll be super emotionally difficult for IU and he just seems really immatureㅠㅠㅠㅠ Ah… I don’t know what I’m saying but I don’t know if they’re a good match.

He knows that IU is out of his league too, and it seems like he keeps saying he’s liked her from very long ago, trying to appear innocent. I really think he’s meh………ㅠㅠㅠ Haa, I’m just saying…


1. [+65][-5] I think the two are similar in many ways though ke

2. [+62][-4] For Lee Jongsuk’s fans, they must feel a lot worse for Lee Jongsuk keke

3. [+19][-2] ‘I think it’s too much. I think he’s too drunk on his own emotions/narrative.’ Isn’t this your self introduction, OP?? Look at yourself;; it’s too much.

4. [+17][-1] They look good together

5. [+12][-5] Kinda feels like Song Joongki and Ahn Jaehyun kekeke Even if the two get married, it is questionable whether they will survive keke