Ah, I Keep Thinking About Mark Because He’s Friggin’ Handsome, Faq

Why is he so good-looking??????????????

Saving an unlimited number of Mark’s photos

I saved a ton of his pics all of a sudden. Why is he so cute when he smiles?
I look sus when I smile, but when he smiles he looks so cute it makes me tear up

I watched their ‘Candy’ remake as well.
Fxxking hell. He is so cute cute cute, but? He’s damn handsome handsome handsome handsome too

But how can one’s eyes look like this?
No matter which pic I choose, they’re the most beautiful eyes in the world – #1 in the Guinness World Records

I’ve always known about Mark and I’ve kept my eyes on him. But I’m not a fan. Because I don’t buy merch.
But Mark is the most handsome in the world. Disagree? Get lost. Compliments? Get lost. It’s just a universal fact.

Mark-nim, saranghaeyo. You are really the most handsome. Why does this man look like this – it’s insane.
Have a nice day, everyone.


1. [+18][-0] But he really has a nice smile kekekeke Sometimes when I smile I think I smile too frivolously… When Mark Lee laughs without regrets, it’s not just his laughter, but also his face when he laughs that’s beautiful – makes me so envious

2. [+11][-0] I really like that cool look in Mark’s eyes that only appears in photoshoots

3. [+11][-0] Are you in denial of becoming a fan?

4. [+10][-0] Wait what, he’s good-looking

5. [+9][-0] Please join the fandom