I Thought Miyeon was Super Pretty

But she looks like a cucumber


1. [+58][-17] ffs, it’s not even worth dealing with bxxches who criticise Jo Miyeon for her looks…

2. [+45][-52] It was obvious yesterday that her head was bigger and that she was older

3. [+38][-3] Miyeon is really pretty too, but Wonyoung and Yuna’s physiques are unparalleled so… She’s really pretty if you just look at her face, but if you look at her overall appearance, there’s a gap between her and the other two because of her physique, I guess?

4. [+27][-8] She looks pretty though?

5. [+14][-0] Miyeon is also fxxking peng too, for real.. But after seeing that, I could kinda feel what level Jang Wonyoung is on