Check Out the Friendship Between Jang Wonyoung and Han Sohee Real-Time, Daebak *shooketh*..GIF

They match really well keke It’s goddess x princess!


1. [+130][-16] It’s so true that pretty girls like pretty girls keke

2. [+99][-5] Han Sohee’s reaction is so lovely. The pretty girl & pretty girl duo is the best

3. [+92][-7] If you look closely, Wonyoung was saying something to Han Sohee kekeke Could it be ‘you look pretty’ or ‘i am your fan’ kekekekeke It’s probably something like that looking at how much she was liking it kekekekeke

4. [+61][-5] Wow, seeing all these two-shots of Jang Wonyoung and Han Sohee kekeke

5. [+47][-5] Wow… that’s a crazy duo