I Can See Why Stray Kids is So Popular keke

They’re so damn good on stage… Seriously, I watched MAMA with my mouth open LOLLL
It was fxxking grandiose… You can really hear they were singing live kekekeke

Seeing them sweat so hard, it made me think ‘they’re really sincere about their stages’…

The only SKZ song I know is ‘Case 143’ that goes ‘why do I keep…’ (lyrics),
so I was surprised when I was watching.

I gotta look forward to their other year-end stages now. I hope everything goes well for SKZ~

+ I picked up this pic on Twitter because Lee Know is handsome…

+ I’m not a stay~


1. [+87][-17] Yongbok ahh..

2. [+74][-18] Wow… The ‘VENOM’ stage, are they insane? Seriously, Felix is crazy.

3. [+66][-15] It’s really interesting because the choreography arrangement is different for every single stage performance

4. [+65][-11] Watching End-of- year SKZ is super damn fun

5. [+64][-13] Kim Seungmin, are you crazy? Ahh, I can’t sleep tonight. Lemme rewatch their stage 10 more times before I try to sleep.