I Can Really Feel The Difference in IVE’s Outfits

Is this a girl group for An Yujin and Jang Wonyoung?


1. [+569][-138] Everything about this group is unnatural

2. [+497][-13] Bruh they dressed Liz like an old-fashioned lady..

3. [+481][-72] ? I would think, if Jang Wonyoung wore the dress Leeseo was wearing instead, people are gonna talk bullshit again like ‘the agency is pushing Jang Wonyoung’ LMAOOOOO

4. [+414][-50] It’s true that the two outfits in the middle are unique.

5. [+328][-43] Bullshit. If Wonyoung wore Rei’s outfit, people are gonna say only Annyeongz had a circle pattern on their outfits. If Wonyoung wore Leeseo’s outfit, people are gonna say she’s the only one in white.