Compilation of Hyein’s Photoshoots – Not Sure About Other Aspects, But She’s #1 in NewJeans When it Comes to Photoshoots

The golden maknae of NewJeans – Hyein – who’s born in 2008, is being recognized as a photoshoot master even among her perfect unnies! Her poses are unique, maybe because she’s been a model since she was young… I’m gonna briefly show off our Hyeinie before I go, please love her loads♥

Our Hyeinie, who looks pretty even in the middle of the unnies!

Please show NewJeans Hyein lots of love!

NewJeans Hyein ADOR Hanni Minji Danielle Haerin


1. [+46][-2] Defo agree. How can a baby be so good at photoshoots? She’s really like a pro

2. [+38][-3] A 08-liner who’s so amazing at photoshoots she can win awards with them..

3. [+19][-4] She’s the most visually striking one. She looks like she’s gonna appear on the manga ‘NANA’.

4. [+7][-6] Not criticising but she somehow has Southeast Asian vibes.

5. [+6][-0] She doesn’t look like she’s a 08-liner