Everything About NewJeans is Great, But the Only Shame is

They should’ve used stage names. It’s such a shame for all of them.

First of all, Kim Minji is like the #1 most common name.

Hyein and Haerin sound too similar..

Hanni and Danielle are at least better so that’s fine.

Honestly, don’t you agree?

Feeling like I’m gonna become a fan, ha. My bias is Haerin but I saved this GIF of Hanni because she’s just pretty


1. [+198][-10] But I find it kinda beautiful how NewJeans’ concept is for all of them to go with their real names.

2. [+160][-4] For real, Haerin and Hyein confused me a lot in the beginning.

3. [+117][-9] I like it. Their names make them feel more approachable compared to super fancy names that sound like they don’t belong to someone from the same world. 

4. [+46][-4] I agree. It’s fxxking hard to search for Danielle. There’s Daniel from the Bible as well as Kang Daniel (which sound the same in Korean). There are too many Daniel(le)s in this world.

5. [+42][-6] Agreed. Haerin and Hyein sound like they have the same names that’s why it’s confusing… And it’s just too much with Minji, for real – I feel like the name Kim Minji is the most common name among the 04 liners.