Wow, looks like her artistic and athletic talents are natural-born. She used to be a promising athlete, and her paintings are not bad either.

There’s really nothing that Yuna can’t do ㅠㅜ She’s multitalented.


1. [+79][-5] It seems like she’s equally good at art and sports…

2. [+73][-4] Wow, isn’t she a bright and cheerful kid…. What a big twist when a happy-looking kid who’s far from being chic and coy does this kind of paintings kekeke Yuna’s pretty ㅠㅠ

3. [+32][-1] Yuna’s the same age as me and I feel a sense of shame. Fxxk. She’s just destined to be good at art and sports. Daebak. How can someone be good at music, art AND sports?

4. [+29][-7] Kinda like Jungkook vibes. Jungkook’s good at both art and sports too.

5. [+15][-0] I find Yuna so likeable.

6. [+12][-2] From the pov of a non-fan, the comments are a bit cringey.

7. [+11][-3] I really agree that she’s pretty and she’s a good idol. But I don’t really know about her art..

8. [+10][-4] She’s not just fairly good though, she’s fxxking good?

9. [+9][-0] But the photo she’s drawing is a drawing itself though?

10. [+9][-1] Wow… I don’t know if she’s good though.. Could it be my standards that are getting higher, since many idols are good at art?

11. [+9][-0] Yuna is really perfect at everything…