Jennie’s Paris Trip Airport Fashion

Pretty outfit…

+ Jennie certified the doll bag given by a fan by hanging it onto her bag

+ Kids asked her for a picture so she took a picture with them kekekekeke


1. [+21][-8] Her OOTD is so damn luxurious. When it comes to airport fashion, it’s gotta be Jennie. Come home safe.

2. [+13][-9] I think I know what people mean when they say she looks rich

3. [+10][-3] Freaking gorgeous.. A cute girl wearing cute things;;

4. [+7][-4] Looks like clothes from Namdaemun Market

5. [+7][-6] So pretty.. Wonder what Jennie will be wearing in Paris? So looking forward. It’s really so fun to see BLACKPINK dressed in their own casual outfits