Wow, Sullyoon’s Instagram Post Just now is Freaking Cute kekeke

A legend…


1. [+109][-16] I’m surprised people can diss the appearance of someone who looks like this. I would think she has the best looks following Sulli and Suzy..

2. [+95][-13] Sullyoon is a natural beauty, she has a nice body and she’s good at singing and dancing as well – she’s really legendary..

3. [+86][-6] But that dancesport makeup is pretty too, she was really pretty when she was practicing kekeke

4. [+69][-54] But she looks like a granny when she smiles…ㅠ

5. [+37][-2] JYP, I wish you could allow her to have some individual activities please. Sullyoon has the exact kinda face with high demand and no supply, so if you give her some individual activities, dozens of advertisements will come in from places like China. But you have to do that first before you promote NMIXX. It’s a fxxking shame to let her goddess-level visuals rot, faq.. ㅠ