The Group that Resembles NewJeans Right Now the Most in Terms of Vibe

Red Velvet’s ‘Ice Cream Cake’ days.. At this time, the person managing their concept was also Min Heejin

They’re oddly similar, but like a different kind of high-teen

If Red Velvet feels a bit more like the western(?)/American kind of high-teen, then NewJeans feels totally like the end-of-century y2k kind of high-teen kekekekeke I really like both of them

+I’m not saying they’re exactly the same, it’s just like how there are other kinds of high-teen like retro, what I’m trying to say is that they have a unique vibe! No misunderstandings please


1. [+79][-1] ‘Ice Cream Cake’ is a real legend, I became a fan during that era….

2. [+74][-2] Ah, I think I know what you mean. When I look at their group photo, I guess there’s a harmonising fresh vibe? But Red Velvetl had yellow hair and they had more American vibes, whereas NewJeans’ vibe feel like the 90s.

3. [+65][-3] Agreed. Min Heejin’s concept definitely fits well with rookie girl groups

4. [+23][-0] Agreed. During the ‘ICC’ era, they all had blonde hair, but the different chroma really showed legendary detail.. I like the ‘ICC’ and ‘Peekaboo’ MVs the most. Min Heejin’s workㅠ

5. [+19][-1] I think it would’ve been nice if that concept had been maintained… It’s my favorite Red Velvet concept